Holiday Look No. 2 | Red, Black & White Color Scheme

 Polyvore Outfit:
Holiday Look No. 2 | Red, Black & White Color Scheme

American Vintage clothing
$69 –

Dorothy Perkins black boots

Nars cosmetic


Today’s Outfit:

Black and White Flower Cardigan – Walmart ($5 on the clearance rack. hell yes!)

Black 3/4 Shirt – Cato Fashion

Red Trousers – New York & Co.

Black Zip-Up Ankle Booties – Ross

Pearl Necklace – Gift from years ago

Pearl Earrings – Moms

Black Fossil Watch – Macy’s

Vintage White with Gold Buckle Belt – Moms (didn’t end up wearing it)




Today’s Makeup:

Foundation – Marc Jacobs Genius Gel

Concealer and Highlighter – MAC Pro

Blush – MAC in “melba”

Bronzer – VS in “heat wave”

Highlighter – MAC in “soft and gentle”

Eyeshadow – Cargo Let’s Meet in Paris palette in “macaron” and UD Naked Basics palette in “naked” and “faint”

Lipstick – ELF matte pencil in “rich red”

Lashes – Ardell false lashes in “110”

When I think of the holidays I automatically think of wine and a fireplace. haha, I mean who doesn’t? Okay, maybe eggnog for some of you folks, But when I think of a holiday look, my “go-to” is always a red lip + shimmery eyes. Since I wear red lipstick year round, it’s no surprise that I wear red for the Christmas holiday. Is anyone else obsessed with Jaclyn Hill from YouTube as I am? I mean seriously – she’s in my top 5 people I would like to meet. [1. singer Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails and radio host Howard Stern, 2. actor Sir Ian McKellen aka Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, 3. actress Jennifer Lawrence aka Katniss and comedian Chelsea Handler, 4. The one and only amazeballs Jaclyn Hill from YouTube, and 5. Carrie Bradshaw from ‘Sex and the City’ – not SJP, the real Carrie. If she existed. Okay and the FRIENDS cast! Especially Ross.] Okay, chill Candace – she’s just a makeup artist – anyway, she posted a tutorial on a holiday look that I just had to try for myself. Of course she uses Sigma brushes and different eyeshadows so my look doesn’t look exactly like hers, but it’s similar. In this look, it’s all about highlighting under the eyes/cheeks, simple neutral eyes with a tad of shimmer, and a bold lip (pink, red, purple – whatever color you prefer).






A few cups of coffee and 1 Diet Coke later, my personality starts to kick in and let’s just say the weirdness comes out. Yes, I know – I’m weird. Get over it.



According to my best friend, Rebecca, these are granny rollers. Haha! I so need a new curling iron/wand! LIKE BAD.


After walking around the house for 3 hours looking like a weirdo, I finally took out my rollers…and IT DID NOTHING! I was wanting va-va-voom…or va-va-vixen.. hair and instead I got fl-fl-at hair. HAHA! 😉 So that’s my “what the hell is this?” look.


{Yes, I have a tank top on in the photo above. No worries, I don’t take THAT kind of selfie!} My husband and I took our daughters to see the Christmas lights at the Zoo tonight. Needless to say, I decided to change clothes and throw on a beanie since we were going to be walking around outside in the cold. And my hair was flat and “ehh” anyway.



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