New Product Hype: MAC foundation





Okay, makeup is my weakness. DUH! There’s no denying that. Especially when it’s a new product…well new to me, even if it’s been out for months/year. After watching a few reviews on YouTube, okay my girl idol and crush Jaclyn Hill, I decided to buy the MAC Mineralize Moisture foundation. {FYI: I am a total foundation and lipstick junkie – so I have way more than I will ever use or need} I was skeptical since I have oily/combo skin, but since moving to New Mexico I’m moisturizing EVERYTHING, yes face and body, 2x more than I did living in Arkansas (dry vs. humid weather). YAY, I HAVE DRY PATCHES!! Every oily girls dream. Okay, dramatic I know. But for the first time I can buy a foundation that’s targeted for “dry” skin. SCORE!

Anyway – I wanted to try out my new foundation and ended up doing a full face look. I definitely think if you’re oily, or just don’t want a wet “dewy” glow, then set it with powder. Personally, I powder my face every time regardless of what foundation I use. This is a medium to full coverage foundation, but not cakey by any means. Well if applied correctly. I’m not a fan of MAC foundations, but I must admit I am impressed with this one. I don’t think it will last 8+ hours like Revlon Colorstay or L’Oreal True Match. Day 1: I give it two thumbs up. I will update when I’ve used it for a month or so.

SIDENOTE– One of my New Years goals is to:
1. Take more photographs and learn photography (instead of asking my father-in-law and best friend a million questions.)
2. Practice my eyeshadow technique. Sounds cheesy and dumb, but I see so many photos on instagram of vibrant, IN YO FACE smoky eyeshadow tutorials, yet some how mine never turn out like that. Check out >> VegasNay << on instagram and you'll see what I'm talking about. 🙂

Okay, this is a long post. Hope everyone had an amazing and memorable 2013. If not, here's to a new year. I hate the "new year, new you" crap – so I will just say "never say no to opportunities." Take that whichever way it applies to your life. Health, career, children, whatever it may be. My mother-in-law recently told me, "we are all just a work in progress" and I couldn't agree more.



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