Baby Skin {night time face wash routine}


I have oily/combination skin type; however, in the winter months my skin gets a tad dry. By no means would I say my skin is dry, but I definitely have a few (tiny) dry areas on my face during the months of December – February. Even though I have oily prone skin, I still moisturize my face twice a day. I love the process of applying makeup, but girl when it’s time for it to come off – I am all smiles.

In high school, I would “forget” to wash my face at night and “accidentally” sleep in my makeup. Yuck! Yes, I put it in quotes, because I was usually intoxicated and just wanted to find a closet to pass out in. What? I was 18 and enjoyed having fun. Those years are longgg past me, and my alcohol tolerance has gone to shit, but I always wash my face now. If only I would have known what to use to take care of my skin 12-15 years ago, instead of masking it with makeup, my skin would have looked youthful and radiant. Damn teenage years! Yeah, I didn’t know at the time – but I’m sure making up for it now!

Anyway, here is my night time face wash routine. I’ve used all these products for over a year and they work great for my skin, so why change it up.

{All of Mario Badescu skin care products are AMAZING! Seriously. If you haven’t tried them, start. They’re sensitive on your skin, but strong enough to get everything off your face. I have gone through several bottles of the facial spray with rosewater. I am a sucker for anything rose scented – it just smells clean and classy? Like something my grandmother used decades ago.}

However, I only use the mask once a week though, usually the day I see/feel a stubborn pimple that hasn’t quite come to the surface yet (ya know the ones that hurt like hell?) that way I am treating it before it happens. I have had my eyes on ‘GlamGlow’ exfoliating mask for months now, but I haven’t gotten the courage to actually buy it since it’s $69! WAHHHH ;(

NOT PICTURED, BUT WORTH MENTIONING: I am obsessed. OBSESSED. With organic coconut oil as a moisturizer, makeup remover, cooking oil, anything oil? It’s like Siracha sauce – goes on everything! 🙂 a tiny amount goes a long way.



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