60s Mod Makeup

 I am a very “go get it” person – For instance, if I see a makeup product that everyone is raving about, I immediately feel like I have to go out and buy it to see for myself. Yes, I’m a guinea pig to makeup companies, haha. But here lately I have been really good about impulse buying and waiting it out to see if I need or want it. Anyway – back to the point of this post, I’m always looking at magazines, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. for fashion and makeup inspiration. I saw a picture on Pinterest of model/actress Twiggy with a black cut grease and bright color blocking lips. Immediately, I got out of bed at midnight and had to re-create the look. I love when inspiration gets you all excited – especially artistically. From painting, drawing, graphics to makeup – my passion has always been art. For me, inspiration comes from everywhere and it gets all of my art juices flowing and I’m able to think outside the box. Just like with everything I do, I added my own style to this Twiggy look. Makeup and fashion is all about personality, so if you’re re-creating any look, add your you-ness to the look, whatever it is that makes you unique or shows off your best feature. Make it look like you – not everyone has the same eye shape or looks great in red lip stick. Not everyone looks like Beyonce. So do you, with anything that you do. 😉




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