Sun hat & Sun dress

It’s Monday, which to be honest doesn’t really mean much to me since I’m a stay at home mom of two toddlers, and cleaning/laundry day is every day in my house. I decided to start my usual week day off by listening to The Beatles to kick start my day. Well, mainly to distract me from two toddlers asking for a fourth sippy of milk in one hour, and wanting a second breakfast even though they just had egg beaters and strawberries 15 minutes prior. This is pretty much how my day(s) go : and I’m sure all you mom’s of toddlers can agree.

8:30am – Change Sophie & Lilly’s diapers/brush teeth/brush hair (eh, you don’t need pj pants anymore…goes in laundry basket)

8:45am – Start coffee pot

8:47am – Looks in fridge to see what I’m fixing the girls for breakfast

8:47am – Girls ask for milk

8:50am – Pour egg beaters in pan, start cutting fresh strawberries

8:51am – “Hungeee, momma! Hungeee!” -Sophie, 2 yrs. old ; Yep. I’m on it, sweetie.

8:53am – Dogs are barking. Water bowl is bone dry. And they also need outside to go pee.

8:53am – *ba-deep* Ah, text from my best friend, Rebecca.

8:55am – Breakfast is served. And sippy cup of milk #2 is poured. I can sit and enjoy my coffee now.

8:56am – “Oat mote peaseee!” aka oatmeal, please.  -Lilly, 17 months old

8:56am – Okay… but finish your strawberries first, little lady.

8:58am – Mmmm….first sip of coffee…Ahhh! Good Morning, World!

9:00am – Lilly, you want oat meal? “No, cheese”

9:05am – I glance over, and half the food is on the floor in front of her highchair.

me, talking loud: *PAX, EZRA…DO YOU WANT EGGS?!*

No exaggeration, my morning is like this every day. But, I am fortunate to be able to stay at home with my baby bears (for now) so I will enjoy these moments, even if it’s chaotic and redundant. Before I know it, they will be waving good bye to me as they get on the school bus.





Anyway, after watching the Disney movie “Frozen” three times in a row (Sophie is obsessed. I mean OB-SESS-ED! She even wears socks on her hands as gloves, and Princess heels all day long) I decided it was time for us to get some fresh air. Since the weather was nice, I got out of my sweats and momma-stained-pj top, and dressed girly. Even my sun hat matches my dress! I’ve realized since I don’t have any co-workers, mommy friends, or girl friends to socialize with where I live – that sometimes it’s the simple things like “dressing up” and putting on lipstick, to make you feel special and girly. My daughters got to have fun and chase the dogs around outside, and I enjoyed watching their little minds interact with each other and mother nature.


Lipstick | Flower Beauty “get to the poinsettia” (this has been my go-to red here lately!)

Foundation | Revlon Photoready

Hat | Jessica Simpson c/o Ross

Nails | Essie “butler please”

Dress | Khols


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