Bright Summer Makeup : Gradient & Ombre

 Today’s makeup inspiration is all about three things: 

  1. The Little Mermaid
  2. Lisa Frank
  3. Bora Bora

Yes, I am a total 90s kid. Disney movies were/are amazing. Lisa Frank (some of you will remember) was the – all of my school stuff was Lisa Frank; backpack, lunchbox, notebooks, pencils, etc. HELLO, UM, DOLPHINS! And Bora Bora is beautifulllll…I desperately want to go to the beach.






By adding a white eyeshadow to the tear ducks, I created a gradient effect to the blue eye liner. White > aqua > blue. Which also compliments the lips since I did (tried to do, ha) a pink ombre. I am obsessed with adding a pop of color to your makeup this spring-summer. Of course if you wanted to re-create something similar, tone down the eyes and/or lips to suit your personality.


>> Dreaming about paradise.

Lipstick | WetnWild “dollhouse pink” with a hot pink WetnWild lipgloss for an ombre effect

Foundation | Revlon Whipped (this will not move. full coverage, matte finish. flawless.)

Eye Liners | Jordana Cosmetics (purchased from Walgreens) to set the liners I used the blue and purple eyeshadows from the Stila  Pro eyeshadow palette




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