Milani Cosmetics : Lipstick

If you haven’t tried the Milani Cosmetics lipsticks…well, then I’m sorry. You are SO missing out. These drugstore lipsticks are definitely worth every penny (I paid $4.99 at Wal-Mart for mine, and CVS/Walgreens always has sales). I give the pigmentation 10/10 but the longevity is about 8/10. After about 3 hours the shine starts to wear off, but the color and stain remains. However, the feel on the lips is a whopping 10/10. Extremely creamy and smells like candy. NO JOKE. Good luck not licking your lips with these bad boys. They’re delish. And the packaging is so sleek plus it shows the lipstick color so you don’t have to search for the name like you do with MAC lipsticks.






Milani Cosmetics lipstick – Flamingo Pose

Revlon Whipped Foundation; full coverage, semi-matte finish


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