Pretty, Girly (drugstore) Makeup

I love versatile makeup looks. Well, correction, I am a very versatile person and my style reflects that. So I usually, if not always, buy products that are very versatile – you know, that have multiple uses. If you’ve seen my #OOTD pictures, most of them consist of ankle boots and/or cardigans. The two clothing items that I wear year round. It’s just me and my style. Plus, I get more bang for my buck. If ya know what I mean. Anyway, my makeup look today is very versatile. You can go for the natural, soft, and pretty look or amp up the eyeliner and lipstick for a night time glam look. Plus, champagne color eyeshadow and rose plush looks beautiful on every skin tone.

Oh, and tonight is date night for my husband and I…with no kids! {THANK GOODNESS MY PARENTS ARE VISITING! This momma needs some sushi without having to deal with a million melt downs from a two and one year old. Does anyone else get embarrassed taking their children to restaurants? I am not one of those parents who take their kids to a non-kid friendly upscale place, but crap – we have a hard time eating at Chic-fil-A without the girls throwing food and crying. HAHA!}






Eyeshadow | L’Oreal “amber rush” pressed pigment (OBSESSED. WITH THESE GEMS!) *not pictured

Blush | Rimmel London “touch of berry” cream blush

Lipstick | Milani Cosmetics “nude creme” 

Lipgloss | Milani Cosmetics “rose blush”

Foundation | Revlon Photofinish (ONE OF MY HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATIONS! and perfect match to MUF HD Foundation)



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