Pomegranate Makeup Look

I don’t know about you, but I love clean-thought out makeup looks. Especially with simple-easy to follow-techniques. For me personally, I love the whole concept “less is more” when it comes to makeup, especially the eyes. I think you can still achieve a dramatic smoky eye with only a few products vs. using 8 different eyeshadows and spending 20 minutes blending. Artist Charlotte Tillbury is the perfect example – have you seen her work on models/actresses? Ah. Not only is she lovely, but her work is simply stunning. She can create an angelic look by just using 4 products on the whole face. While a lot of artist on Instagram tend to focus on “more is better” and the whole “glam makeup” look, I try to keep my technique and style simple, natural and classy. No need for a million steps when a few will work just fine. No, I’m not lazy. Yes, it depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Go check out “Jordan Liberty” on YouTube and you will see where I’m coming from. A professional MUA for film, print and photography. I have so much respect for this intelligent and talented man. Hopefully one day I can be in the same MUA category as him.



20140516-211040.jpg This eye look is so easy and versatile : 

  1. Apply a cream (color) base; one of my favorites is the Maybelline Color Tattoo that come in several colors.
  2. Apply the main color eyeshadow all on the lid (for this look I used the silver color from the Rimmel London “crown jewels” quad.
  3. With the same brush, blend the crease. *I used silver eyeshadow on top of the “pomegranate punk” base for a layered effect. By doing this it created it’s own unique color, whereas applying silver on top of silver = silver. The color options are limitless, play around and see what cool combinations you can come up with! *
  4. Next, I took the brown/bronze color and applied it in my outer “V” and slightly blended it into the crease.
  5. Done. Apply eyeliner and mascara. 😉

I hope I inspired someone to try this easy, versatile look. If so, please comment below and let me know your thoughts. Or follow me on Instagram! I post makeup photos there as well. (CandaceSkaggs)

XO-Candace, Casually Chic


20140516-211101.jpgLipstick | Milani Cosmetics “plumrose” 

Lipgloss | Milani Cosmetics “rose blush”

Foundation | Ex1  c/o lookfantastic.com (This is one of my holy grail foundations. Maybe even my number 1! I just wish I would have ordered the lightest shade since I am quite fair right now; nonetheless, it’s amazing and only $17 USA) 



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