Black & White with a pop of Coral #OOTD

Saturday’s attire was based around one thing : mixing cool and warm tones. I am a huge sucker for orange/coral in the summer. Not only is it an amazing color in general, but for fair girls (like myself) it’s an illusion to looking tanner than you really are. I mean let’s be honest – I am shade 2 in the bareMinerals BareSkin foundation, out of  20. Not like that really means anything, but I used to tan in the tanning bed year round when I was in junior high – up until college. Then, I became a broke college student and couldn’t afford it anymore. And, oh yeah, cancer, and wrinkles. But I have several large tattoos so I try to avoid the sun, or at least wear sunscreen. ENOUGH RAMBLE.  This coral dress paired with orange lipstick  and  bright blue nails makes me look tan. So, yeah – that was the whole point of this paragraph. Ha!

For summer time, I love black and white with a pop of color. It just looks put together, in my opinion. Also, you also can’t go wrong with pairing opposite colors together in an outfit. Well, minus green and red. Unless you want to look like a walking Christmas tree. Yes, it looks classy. If done correctly, of course. But most people do not wear it correctly. And they look like a walking Christmas tree. But Hey, I like Christmas, so whatever floats your boat.

Saturday is : Wine and Cheese plate date night with my husband.

XO-Candace, Casually Chic 




Sunglasses | Michael Kors

Purse | H&M

Lipstick | NYX “indie flick” matte

Nail Polish | Sally Hansen Hard as Nails “pacific blue”

Necklace | Gift from my bestie

Dress | Some random boutique in Shreveport, Louisiana (at the River Walk)


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