Blue + Orange Makeup & #OOTD

Today’s outfit and makeup inspiration came from two colors : blue and orange! Perfect combo for summer. Plus, have you seen the new YSL summer eyeshadow palette? I. AM. IN. LOVE. But I can’t afford it, haha ($60 USA) So I created my own version using the Cargo palette. I wish I had a matte navy blue eyeshadow since the YSL palette is all matte, but even the Urban Decay Naked palette and WetnWild shadows that I own have some small amount of shimmer. But, whateves. I used what I had. It’s called inspiration for a reason! 😉

XO-Candace, Casually Chic

20140603-220123-79283944.jpg20140603-220128-79288657.jpg 20140603-220126-79286944.jpg


20140603-220125-79285298.jpg  Just when ya think you’re having a good hair day…Damn, frizz! 




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