Travel Diaries : San Diego

Coral & Turquoise Outfit:




This is my first time visiting California so of course my first stop was In-N-Out. Because who doesn’t love smothered greasy yumminess-animal style-food? Well, my sister, who is vegan would disagree. (No this is not healthy. At all. And the milk was for my toddlers. Ha!)


Tonight we ate at Mitch’s Seafood in San Diego. Oh-my-fish! AHHH, it was delicious. From the harbor views on the San Diego bay, laid back ambiance, to the fresh food – the whole experience was well worth it. Plus, it was kid friendly. (My husband and I are those type of parents that sit far far, farrrr away from crowds so others aren’t annoyed by our toddlers. I am fully aware of my surroundings and the places I take my children too; so I refuse to let my kids scream, run around, and throw crying fits in public. It’s just super stressful to have to deal with that, much less in public when people are passing judgement.) Anyway, we sat inside and the atmosphere was very sociable and casual which was perfect for us; however, the restaurant is very small and crowded. If you’re in the San Diego area and enjoy draft beer and fresh fish tacos, I suggest Mitch’s in the Point Loma Harbor area. Definitely two thumbs up! (Prices range from $3 tacos to $9 sandwiches)

A few pictures from today. Of course I have to include outfit and makeup photos. Ha!
Xo-Candace, Casually Chic




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